Value assessments

What is your business worth? We offer simple analyses or comprehensive value assessments—for use in connection with a sale, merger/demerger or acquisition of another enterprise.

VAT consulting

The impact of value-added tax is increasing for many businesses. This is true in many industries, but it is perhaps most acute in real estate. We can help you plan.

Tax consulting

Taxes are a major concern for most businesses. We have the expertise necessary to consult on virtually any kind of tax issue. It’s always smart to get a second opinion before you make big decisions.


Your business’ competitive situation can change overnight. When is it right to agree to sell, and when is a good time to go big and acquire another business?

Internal control

Sound internal control procedures, including regular control points, can improve both profit margins and the working environment. We have long-standing experience with tailoring such procedures.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to get a fresh perspective on the undertaking’s expectations for future operations—by preparing operating budgets and assessing planned investments.


Operating conditions change at an ever-increasing speed, and the way your business is currently organized may no longer be optimal. We can help you make the right decisions.

Generational change

Whenever it’s time to let the next generation take the reins, a number of questions inevitably pop up—and not all of them financial. We have experience with these types of situations and can offer good advice.


The best approach to buying, selling or reorganizing a business can vary considerably. We guide and assist our clients through the entire process.