Statutory audits and auditor’s confirmations

Statutory audits and auditor’s confirmations


As auditors, we are independent and knowledgeable agents of trust. As a result, lenders, employees, shareholders, suppliers and others in need of auditing and consulting services can trust us to provide qualified, legal assistance. Auditing services are not an off-the-shelf product. We always tailor our auditing services to suit the needs of the individual client.

We accept auditing assignments for Scandinavian groups in collaboration with our Prime Global partners in Sweden and Denmark.
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In connection with bankruptcy, auditors are required to pinpoint the date of insolvency, identify any withholding of funds and special transactions, and—last, but not least—find assets.

We also offer auditing of parts of the accounts or performing agreed-upon procedures or reviews of historical financial statements. These services are somewhat less comprehensive and less cost-intensive.

Public grants often require attestation of project accounts or a statement from an external auditor.

The auditor’s report is a form of external quality assurance: documentation that the annual accounts have been prepared and presented in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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